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Santo was 4 months old French bulldog puppy whom I was raising for the US military hero who at this time was overeas at his serves for our country.
Nothing this early summer morning was calling for tragedy. Pups were playing as usually. Sweetest puppy ever, 4 months old Santo, playing with others, did not hold his balance and slipped from the porch steps. There is just 2 and an half low steps, but even this could make a tragedy. Santo did not landed good and as a result-his broken leg. We took him to the family veterinarian doctor, but such complicated surgeries as a fix bones together can be done only in a big city. Santo requires at least three screws/pins at his joint bone. We headed to Charlotte, to Charlotte Veterinarian Specialists Hospital, to see a canine orthopedic specialist. The total medical bill for Santos surgery is $2800. Santo meant to be a military family dog. His owner currently serving our country overseas and I am raising for them this sweet puppy. Accidents happeneds. But together, with God in heart and hope in soul, I know, Santo WILL RUN AGAIN! Thank you all.
Posted June 8, 2011 8:24am
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Right now Santo isin Preparation Room being prepared for a surgery. I keep my fingers crossed. Dr. Daniel Mertens is his doctor. http://www.carolinavet.com/docbylocation_detail.cfm?did=30
Posted June 8, 2011 4:26pm
Surgery for my little man was done. He is in recovery room.We probably might take him home tomorrow. Ahead we will have six to eight weeks of being crated (he is never been crated before and had free roaming, so hereis some stress-to-be) and cut on all kind of activities, such runs, jumps, and even walks. A lot of tears, a lot of fears, a lot of stress and nerves. But all of it does not matter when you love someone.
Posted June 8, 2011 6:46pm

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June 9, 2011 9:19pm. My boy is home. He is safe and sound. And I guess, happy to be home. Now we are looking forward for a long way of recovery period. But with God in soul we will do it!
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Now, 5 weeks later from the surgery, Santo is doing much better. He uses his broken leg almost 75% full. We have with him daily exercises to help build up his muscles back. Thank you to all of you who shows his help and support to him.
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Little Santo have very bright spirit and extremely sweet attitude. He like bear cub love to cuddle and adores belly rubs. He tries to use his leg, but of course still could not, so he tries to figure it out how to use three. He still did not like to be crated for long period of time, and letting me know about it by crying in his crate.

Santo is recovering slowly. He wants to use his leg so very bad but could not. He still remains in his crate for basically all the time-I am taking him out to cuddle on sofa with him. He does not go outside-he gets exited and tries to jump and run, which is he strictly prohibited to do. 
Santo and me-full recovery! Yes! Santo Can Run Again! 

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We are raising the money to pay extremely high veterinarian bill, in full ammount of $2800, for a 4 months old French bulldog puppy Santo, which accidentally fell andbroke his elbow and whom I am raising for the US military hero who is now athis serves for our country. Thank you to everyone. God Bless our troops and our country.

We raised $565 out $2,567.33 for Santo
From the bottom of my heart I want deeply "Thank" to all of you, who helped us-my valuable puppy customers and those ones whom I never met, but graciously thankful for your kindness:
*Sir Tap and Lady Cora and theirs two frenchies-Della Rye and Sofia Ann, Sofia is littermate to Santo.
*Jeffrey and his handsome baby Bogart
*James and his mom Lottie and her devoted companion Auddie,
*Briana and baby Sofie- Double thanks: for your first and than second donation.
*Leigh and Hippo, the Royal pug 
*Larry and Eddie and their red headed handsom Stitch. Stitch is littermate to Santo.
*Angela, Carlos and their military baby Jacques Thank you, guys, so much for your double donation!
*Pamela, George and Luna. Luna is our Jack's "wife". I pray also for her to have healthy and beautiful babies this summer. 
*Sonny, Nonnie and Gigi. Gigi is our "almost family member"-her parents trust us so much with her "Stay with us" when they need to. Thank you, guys, so much!
*Kevin, Coreen and their pups-Wendall, Rupert and Fin

Thank you, guys, from the bottom of my heart.

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