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Hobby breeder specializing in Color & Standard Quality French Bulldogs. Only the best companions for families and top of the line French Bulldog puppies! Established in 1991, our kennel is dedicated to breeding quality French Bulldogs. Since 2005 our kennel have name "From Burgess's House". We offer elite, happy, healthy, wrinkly and stocky puppies. We are proud to produce French Bulldog bitch-multi champion of several countries. Quality above Quantity! 

Puppy Application for the first time buyers.
Before contact us and before submit it, please, read Our Policy

To the people who are looking for “cheap”, “clearance” , "runt of the litter" etc. puppy. I’ve worked extremely hard building a strong foundation with rock solid dogs over several decades. French bulldogs are not cheap so do not contact me thinking you’re going to get a budget, clearance or discount puppy it’s not going to happen here. If you’re looking for nice stocky, healthy frenchie, with strong immune system and great confirmation-private message me and ask your spouse/partner before waisting my time like I said they’re not cheap. We do not have $1000 or under puppies. We don’t DNA for hidden additional fancy coat colors, because I look for great conformation instead.

Please understand we spend a lot of dollars to get a quality litter of puppies for our customers. With the cost of health maintenance (dietary supplements, vitamins, quality food etc.) stud fees, artificial insemination, C-sections, ultra sounds and x-rays, etc., it is just not possible to almost give them away. And then the strain of conscience to make sure the puppy is going to a home that accepts full responsibility for its care and love as a family member that it is not just a dog. Not to mention lifetime support to the new owners. Is your time valuable to you? So is mine. Please, if you can’t accept this, then you are not a potential owner of one of our puppies. Sorry, please contact someone else.
Please, consider filling it out so we can proceed farther. Phone calls and E-mails with one question "How much" will be considered as "Not really interested in puppy” and will not be answered. I like to get to know you before I can make any decisions about who gets to adopt one of our babies. If you are prepared to receive the love and affection of a new dog, please complete the application below. Any incomplete applications will not be processed. Please do not give me a "lecture"  that you could not answer certain questions because you uncomfortable with them etc. We do not ask your private info as SS, bank account etc. We do not store your information or share it with third parties and we do not use it on any other way than to make our decision if you are good fit for a puppy. So, please, consider to fill it out. If you honest person you have nothing to hide. Your information is valued to me and will stay private.
After reading this questionnaire, make sure you still feel that you are willing and able to offer this type of commitment to a dog, so that the dog you purchase will have the type of lifestyle that he requires and deserves. Please understand that in the event that you are unable to care for or are forced to give up this puppy/dog at any time in its lifetime, it must come back to us. This dog cannot be taken to the shelter, rescue etc...We are here for our puppies and dogs and we will take it back with no questions asked. If possible the dog may be transferred to another family member or friend after filling out a questionnaire and signing a contract
Before you will plan to come and pick up or view the puppy, I would like to have pictures of  you and other people who might to be with you when you going to pick up the puppy and pictures of vehicle you going to drive to pick up your puppy, as well as front/back of it and clear picture of number on the tag.
Nothing personal. I have to go that far after being
robbed -two of my puppies were stolen and I was assaulted and injured by the robber's car 
If you honest person you have nothing to hide. Your information is valued to me and will stay private.
We are not selling puppies over the phone or Internet and we are not answering single question "How much your puppy". If you have serious intention to add a new family member you need to fill out application and introduce yourself. Its a first step to get a puppy from us. Thank you for understanding.
Feel free to copy the questions and send it via e-mail to catawba5778@yahoo.com
01. E-mail :
02. Name, Full Address, Telephone:--required--
03. Age of Applicant
04. Occupation of Applicant. --required--Can you take dog to work with you?
05. Please list household members (Name/Age/Relationship to you). Adults, children, dogs/cats. Do you expect to have children in a future?
06. List all pets in household Name/Age/Breed/Sex/Spayed/Neutered. How were these dogs purchased? (Breeder, Pet Store, gift, Shelter)
07. What do you expect to pay for a quality puppy and when do you want to get a puppy?
08. If you interested in current puppies, please, mention DOB and name of the puppy you mostly interested to know its price.
09. Your puppy will come with  LIMITED registration, which means you are buying a companion/pet puppy only, no breeding rights: Yes, I understand and agree/No, I am looking for full registration and breeding rights.
10. Companion Puppies must be spayed/ neutered. Are you willing to do so?
11. Have you read our Policy and BARF diet pages? ( We ask that everyone read both pages prior to filling out any forms).  What food you plan to feed your puppy?
12. How long will the puppy be left alone on a normal day?
13. Do you plan to have pet insurance? 
14. Where will the puppy be when you are not home: your bedroom, child's room, laundry, basement etc.
15. Have you met and interacted with a French Bulldog? Have you ever owned this breed of dog before?
16. Do you understand that Snubnosed dogs are inside dogs?
17. Are you aware that Snubnosed dogs have exercise and heat intolerance?
18. What is the primary reason you are considering this breed of dog?
19. Have you ever had to put a dog to sleep? What was the reason?
20. Are you committed to care for this dogs needs for its lifetime?
21. Do you own? Rent? If you do not own, please, provide with homeowner or landlord contact info 
Please, describe: *Home *Apartment *Townhouse *Condo *Other
22. How long have you lived at this residence? Do you have plans to move soon?
23. Is your yard securely fenced? Type of fence: *Chain *Wood *Metal *Bricks *Other
24. If you do not have a securely fenced yard, how do you plan on potty training?
25. Will someone be home with the dog during the day? With whom?
26. At night will the dog be in a crate or loose?
27. Who will be responsible for the dog's care, as feeding and walking?
28. Who will be responsible for the dog's health care/ veterinary visits?
29. Are you planning to train this dog in obedience/puppy kindergarten?
30. How would you describe your lifestyle as a family? What type of recreation do you enjoy as a family?
31. How do you usually spend your family vacations? How would the puppy be cared for when you are away?
32. Are you aware that puppies require more time/ attention than older dog?: Are you willing to make that kind of investment of your time?
33. How much do you expect to pay yearly for dog care?
34. Have you ever had a dog hit by a car? Please explain the circumstances
35. Are you willing to keep in contact with the breeder with updates?
36. How did you hear about us?
367 Add any additional Information you would like to share here
 You must be 18 years or older to purchase puppy.  You acknowledge that you have researched the French bulldog breed and are prepared to devote the necessary resources to proper health care, socialization and training. We reserve the right not to sell a puppy to anyone and for any reason. (This includes, but is not limited to, the following reasons: we wish to retain the puppy for our breeding program, we have found a home that we feel is more suitable for a specific puppy or any information regarding your application.) All Puppies remain the personal property of ours until the sales agreement is finalized and payment is made in full. Full payment is due prior to transfer. The puppies may be transferred when they are 8 weeks or older. If for any reason we decide not to complete the transaction, we will promptly refund your deposit.
Thank you for your application. Please allow up to 48 hours for first contact to be made. This may be done by phone or email, so please be sure to check your messages. If you don't have any response from us during 48 hours, don't hesitate to call, don't let the Internet stay between you and your puppy!  You can always contact me by e-mail catawba5778@yahoo.com
or phone 828-994-2564. We do not texting.

Thank you! Sincerely,

Jane Burgess


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