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Hobby breeder specializing in Color & Standard Quality French Bulldogs. Only the best companions for families and top of the line French Bulldog puppies! Established in 1991, our kennel is dedicated to breeding quality French Bulldogs. Since 2005 our kennel have name "From Burgess's House". We offer elite, happy, healthy, wrinkly and stocky puppies. We are proud to produce French Bulldog bitch-multi champion of several countries. Quality above Quantity! 

Before contact us, please read our Policy below.
  Dedicated and devoted to Snubnosed breed since 1991


Please, read/browse our website thoroughly-you'll find most questions on your answers there. I spent a lot of time to share with you a lot of information there.
Why French bulldogs. Please, do your research about breed and do not ask me "What is this breed about, French bulldogs? Can you tell me about them?" And especially do not ask me "What is the difference between male and female puppy?"
There is a tons of information on Internet about French bulldog breed and I have no idea what is your own preferences, expectations, life style and activity level etc. etc. Its a very loving, loyal breed with playful nature and outgoing personality. Very gentle and docile and considered good family dogs that get along with kids. Every puppy of any breed is born nice, kind and loving. What you mold out of your puppy is a pure reflection of YOU and your competence as a dog owner.
I made my choice. I owned by this amazing dogs. You do your own research and choice.

Also, please, understand, we do not sell "breeding" frenchies. Please, do not aggravate me giving me lecture over the phone "how do we going have any puppies if all females will be spayed." I do what I do and I have a reason and experience and knowledge to do what I do. What for you seems as a "quick buck" for me its decades of dedication and hard work. All females, especially, older ones, are placed with spay agreement. Period. Let professionals breed the quality puppies and the other ones-enjoy to have them. We place our babies into pet homes, there are very FEW lucky breeders that have our babies and those are the ones we trust, unless we know someone personally and trust we don't place them with breeding rights. We like our puppies be spoiled rotten in the best pet homes possible.

Our customers and their pets are very important to us. We're constantly striving to give you the service you deserve, and we're willing to go above and beyond to be sure you have a healthy, happy and quality puppy. Our goal-to be sure our customers are happy with our puppy. If they are happy, it means our puppy is happy too and so we are. We're your personal, professional, pet care partner, and we're committed to giving you great service in an order to get a great family member, and affordable prices. Because we are care.
We do not offer mixed/designed puppies-only pure bred French bulldog puppies. We do not "pet-out" our adults-once we decided to keep/have a new puppy-it stays with us all its life-we do not believe in pet-out kids-our dogs are our family members and we grow old together. We are offering only puppies for approved and loving homes.
Please, consider fill out Puppy Application   for puppy you are interested at so we can proceed farther. E-mails with one question "How much" will be considered as "Not really interested in puppy” and will not be answered.
We are looking for "Permanent", "Stable" loving homes for all our puppies. If for any reason you think you may "NOT" be able to provide this for a dog, please do not submit an application. We do not want our puppies being bounced from home to home. We want the home to be the last home they will ever need!
This completed application will help me know you better. It is very important that I find the best appropriate home for every puppy. This application does not qualify or disqualify you to obtain a puppy from me. It only gives me the information I need to place each puppy in the best homes possible. I as a breeder, have a true love for the breed, and consider them as a part of my family and my babies. I have confidence in the quality and bloodlines of my dogs, it's hard letting them go. After all, I have raised these puppies since birth and watched them grow. I have nurtured them and I am not about to let all that time and energy go to waste on someone who truly does not care about the dog.

I like to get to know you before I can make any decisions about who gets to adopt one of our babies.

I want to point to all newlyweds and yet baby-free families who potentially seeking to adopt French bulldog puppy to have some "experience" before they start have human babies: please, think twice, if you really need the puppy: because in some situations, when people could not faithfully and truly evaluate their own strength, possibilities and un-expected circumstances, when human baby comes alone or you have to move into other house/apartment etc. etc. etc puppy become a burden and you don't know what to do with him and its very painful to me as a breeder because I could not find any acceptable explanation, justification or excuse in such situations. To me to have a puppy its a life time commitment and its does not relay on your future Landlord permission or something else. You would never (I hope) take your children to a shelter, pond etc. if you decide to have a puppy...Same concept. You understand what I mean.
Honestly evaluate your strengths and possibilities. Think several times-do you really need a puppy? Are you really able to take whole responsibility for 10+ years taking care the dog and make him a part of your family? Because so many of them are suffering at shelters or end-up at rescues. The most common excuses I hear are: "We are moving and we can't take our dog" Really? Where are you moving to that doesn't allow pets? Or they say: "We don't have time for her". Really? I work up to 16 hours day and still have time for my dogs and family.
When human baby comes alone and you start felt unable to properly care for puppy (now a young dog)-that's a shame because this breed absolutely loves children and very good with them and situations when young dog become "unwanted" very harmful to dog and me.

Also we are not selling "surprise gift" puppies: if you are buying for someone else (family member, wife/husband etc.) we need to be sure that they know what are they getting. I like this joke: This is Buddy, I bought him as a surprise present for my husband but it turns out he's allergic to dogs . So unfortunately I'm going to have to find a new home... for him , and I'm just wondering if anyone out there can help ?  His name is Alan, he’s 61, great at DIY, drives a nice car and plans wonderful holidays. So...You understand, what I mean about we are not selling "surprise gift" puppies. Make sure that the bestowed wants this particular breed and this particular dog. And no surprises in this case. The bestowed himself must choose a puppy, even if all the preliminary work (search for the breeder and the litter) was done by you and you pay for the puppy.

After robbery when two of our puppies were stolen and I was assaulted/injured with vehicle, which considered to be a deadly weapon, I do not volunteer any information about my adult dogs as well as we do not show any of our adults. However, by request, you'll be provided with pictures of the puppy parents.
We also do not allow any leisured/idle visitors "to see the puppies” only because they have somehow to fill out their weekend with some kind of event. Unless you are buying a puppy from me I will not entertain you and there is absolutely no "Open Door" policy in this house. We are not a Pet Store to "see the puppies” for your weekend fun. We simply do not have time to entertain whole  family including your in-laws and other sort of friends whom you decide to bring over "to see the puppies”.  As well we have no idea what kind of germs you might carry on your shoes and what kind of viruses you potentially might be exposed too. Safety of our babies is our priority. We do not show infant puppies as there is potential risk for them to be exposed to the outside world and all germs you may bring with you.
For several years we have discontinued the practice of showing our babies to anyone. We have strict policies against exposing any of our dogs to the public and especially the little ones. I will gladly supply you with pictures and videos to help you make this very serious decision. 
We also did not allow to see several puppies in one time if your motive is "to see how social they are and who’ll first make a contact with me”. If you could not make a decision by looking at picture, I assure you-you will not make decision by seeing/meeting puppy in person either. All our puppies are HIGHLY socialized by us and during 28 years we did not had anyone to complain that puppy they adopted from us is un-social, non-friendly or have any other kind of behavior issues.
Only 1 (one) puppy you "fell in love with" by looking at multiply pictures sent to you by us will be introduced to you.
People sometime saying: "We are only looking for a pet ... so do you discount for pets?". The answer is: We prefer our puppies to go to loving pet homes opposed to other Breeding Programs but whether we produce a litter of puppies that all go to pet homes or all go to Breeding Programs the price we pay to produce the litter is the same. If someone is interested in purchasing our dogs with breeding rights there is an average $1000 - $1500 additional fee for Full AKC Breeding Rights. We only approve our puppies to go to individuals who meet our standards and have the adequate knowledge to breed. Breeding rights will be considered to a Small hobby breeder/Show homes only.


My dogs are not on Sale and their quality speaks for itself. I am not here to make any deals and trades; I am here to find the perfect families or (very rarely) breeding homes with the same vision.
I am here not only as  breeder, but as a source of life time help and support and advise for you and your puppy. If you have any questions or concerns, please, contact me. I've been around dogs my entire life and have vast knowledge on care, training, nutrition, general health issues, common problem and most anything to do with your french bulldog. If you are owner of our frenchie-please, do not hesitate to contact me-I'll be happy to hear from you.
Jane Burgess



We reserve the rights not to sell the puppy to any one if we feel uncomfortable about it.

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