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Hobby breeder specializing in Color & Standard Quality French Bulldogs. Only the best companions for families and top of the line French Bulldog puppies! Established in 1991, our kennel is dedicated to breeding quality French Bulldogs. Since 2005 our kennel have name "From Burgess's House". We offer elite, happy, healthy, wrinkly and stocky puppies. We are proud to produce French Bulldog bitch-multi champion of several countries. Quality above Quantity! 

 Page contains graphic images that some viewers may find disturbing
Theft Alert!
May 24th 2013 two of my puppies (pictures attached) were stolen from my house and I was assaulted and injured by the thief's car when I tried to stop her leaving with stolen puppies by grabbing onto a side door handle of the van and was dragged as thief  fled. I sustained bruising and scrapes to much of my body, two broken fingers, and damaged nose cartilage.
Puppies are microchiped. Puppies were taken to SC, Inman/Spartanburg area.
If you see or possibly know where those puppies can be: Craigslist, flea market or in someone's possession, please, contact Catawba County Sheriff's Department at 828-465-8344 or call us at 828-994-2564. Please, help stop the crime!



I fought for you, little man. I am so sorry, I fail to save you
Month later, June 21st, 2013, one of the boys was rescued. The puppy returned to where he belongs; he has healed scar from being injured by big dog bite or BB gun shot, very malnourished and obviously had little access to food, water and medical care.
Another puppy is still missing...
Rescued puppy
Me, all in tears and breaking heart, holding little Penley the day he was rescued. The devil people wanted to make quick money out of them, but did not had the money to buy them cheapest junk food to feed. Penley was barely 7 lb. when he returned to us, when his siblings were all over 10 pounds already...
His first bath after being rescued...
Me assaulted and injured by thief's car.
Me, 6 hours later, after robbery and car assault, on Graduation Ceremony of my daughter. You don't want even know "how" it feels when the most delightful day in a life of your child can be messed up like that...I found strengths not to whine and smile at camera...
Proud parents of Graduator

Unfortunately this accident has led to long term emotional, physical, personal, and professional hardships for me. As much damage as this incident has done for me over the past 3 years and the years going forward I am so grateful that I can share my story with others in the hopes that they will never find themselves in my situation.
You will not break me down, devil thief, Kendra Layne Hawkins, from Inman, SC. I am a Snubnosed Mom! I trust in my dogs!
Do you leave your dog outside for a while as you are getting ready for work or after you come home? Do you have a doggy door your dog can use to come and go while you are out? God forbid, is your Frenchie tied out or left out in the yard?
You may come to regret your choice to allow your dog to be outdoors without supervision. From who knows how many places dogs are being stolen. We don't want to think about what is happening to them. The best case scenario-dog was sold and ended-up in a good family. The worst case scenario-your dog was used as a bate in dog-fight industry.
In this particular litter of our own "stolen puppies" 3 (three!) puppies were stolen-two from us and one from family in VA, just snatched from the front yard in front of shocked owners... 

People have become aware that the popular French bulldog is an expensive breed, and Frenchies are being stolen to be sold on Craigslist or given to family members. Don't leave your dog outside alone, don't leave him in the car while you run in to do an errand, and be sure to microchip your dog. If it's stolen and recovered, the chip may be your only proof of ownership.

Forewarned is forearmed. Keep a close eye on your dogs.



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