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Hobby breeder specializing in Color & Standard Quality French Bulldogs. Only the best companions for families and top of the line French Bulldog puppies! Established in 1991, our kennel is dedicated to breeding quality French Bulldogs. Since 2005 our kennel have name "From Burgess's House". We offer elite, happy, healthy, wrinkly and stocky puppies. We are proud to produce French Bulldog bitch-multi champion of several countries. Quality above Quantity! 

I am responsible hobby breeder, not a commercial wholesale dealer or puppy mill runner!!!
I decided to open this page after one summer morning two trucks from Catawba County Animal Control stopped in my drive way. Two Animal Control Officers said that they got a call that puppy/dog mill is running here. Inspectors were follow-up on legitimate complaint from private annonimous citizen.
Since I was not aware about their visit, I did not have time "to fix things up”, and Officers were must to see what things are on a daily basic routine.
So…Since we even do not have a dog kennel in traditional understandings, I nicely invited them to check on my lovely doggie area with white lace curtains on windows, where several of my adults are living in nice cool room in summer and heated in winter. Who have once a day sanitized  floor and twice a day have changed fresh water and numerous of toys to chew and play. Who sleep on nice pillowed doggie beds that changed daily. I do not know many people who will change their own bed that often.
I also show them two 3 months old puppies that live in my kitchen, right here, where we prepare our food and eating ourselves. They also slept on a big cushion-no crates or cages, have free roaming and bunches of toys and regularly changing puppy pads to eliminate on. They are willingly demonstrated to the Animal Control Officers "How is Puppy Mill Running"-by eating their mid afternoon meal...
I also showed 5 months old puppy that we are raising for someone who is currently in a military. He is the only one puppy out of current three puppies what we have at this time was crated by request of veteranarian; three weeks ago he fell and had broken elbow surgery and to be crated for 6 to 8 weeks was a doctors order for him for proper heal. http://snubnosed.ucoz.com/index/so_santo_can_run_again/0-157
I show them all supplements my dogs being given.
They left very much satisfied of what they saw:
*no stay-on top-of each other crates filled up with numerous puppies covered with filthy excrements and urine etc.,
Instead of it they saw:
*they saw clean and air controlled area with no smell;
*clean back yard with healthy and soft green grass with no burned pee spots, where dogs can roll and exercise when weather permitted,
*two doggie pools,
*big sand box and no poop around,
*clean and healthy dogs, sweet couple of puppies-and they even apologized for bother us.
I want to say to everyone who will decide to give a call to Animal Control and report on me running a puppy mill-please, think twice. I am very proud of my babies. 
How in world is it possible, that person who gives mouth-to-mouth to chocking puppy trying to bring him alive, or person who will not sleep nights if something going wrong, who will spent thousands of dollars to do a broken leg surgery, when most of you will give up the dog and simply put asleep, who spends every months hundreds on supplements and vitamins to keep them healthy and taking them to family activities to participate in family life, who let any of them sleep in a same bed with me, how possibly that person able to run puppy mill…
Yes, I will rush and run to the pet store to provide my dogs a meal…but I am not running a dog mill…
Before to make such call, at least, be brave to identify yourselves.
Below Catawba County Animal Control Report Card.


Remember: Thou Shalt not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbour.

I put my dogs as "Number one" and try to provide them as best as I could.


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