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Hobby breeder specializing in Color & Standard Quality French Bulldogs. Only the best companions for families and top of the line French Bulldog puppies! Established in 1991, our kennel is dedicated to breeding quality French Bulldogs. Since 2005 our kennel have name "From Burgess's House". We offer elite, happy, healthy, wrinkly and stocky puppies. We are proud to produce French Bulldog bitch-multi champion of several countries. Quality above Quantity! 


Myth#1. The big dog should eat more than small
The metabolism, for both, people, and a dogs, varies, and from an identical diet one dog will monstrously grow fat, another will be just be normal. The needs for food is influenced with a degree of activity, temperature of air, feature of metabolism. For working dog who constantly is on fresh air and carries out the duties, all day runs, and sleeps in a kennel at night, food is required on 50-60 percent more, than to an animal which lives in an apartment or stays inside. Growing dogs demand more food, than adults of same weight with them.  Generally, for a dog it is better to underfeed slightly than to overfeed.
If your buddy on walks is languid, phlegmatic, does not wish to run and jump - reduce their diet. The dry coat with flakes means, that it is necessary to add vegetable oil into food. When dog is stressed, he needs to be fed  two-three times a day. As soon as time of stress will pass, return to one meal a day.
Myth#2. It is necessary to feed a dog only with meat
Really, meat products and meat waste - the most nutritious forage for dogs, they quickly and easily digest it. But feeding exclusively meat can ruin an animal quickly enough. High nutritiousness- liver, heart, kidneys possess, the udder, a spleen, is a little bit less - a lung, a stomach, guts. Once a week half of portion is useful to feed in a crude kind, but only fresh (though the poisoning does not threaten adult dogs, but puppies can be ill). At cooking they lose up to 60 percent of vitamins of group B, chlorides, phosphates, there are changes in fiber. Meat waste from guts and stomach can be given exclusively boiled - there are many pathogenic bacteria.
Myth#3. Milk is very useful and beniful for a dog
No, not on a daily basis. In spite of the fact that milk is rich in calcium and phosphorus, it can cause infringements of digestion, especially in adult dogs. A long feeding by dairy products leads to slackness and adiposity. In a diet of growing puppies it is possible to add dry milk in powder form as a good additive to the basic forage. And also - a mix calcium lactate and calcium glicerophosphate(a mix 1-2 times a day from 2 up to 20 гр depending on weight of the puppy) give an oil solution of vitamins A and D (a doze the veterinary appoints) will help correct growth of bones and a teeth.

Myth#4. The dog necessarily should receive bones
Opinions of veterinaries concerning bones are different, but they are unanimous that bones for dog boiled in water in a small amount will not damage, excepting all tubular bones (mutton, beef, chicken and so on). If bones in diet will be to much, they can cause a contamination of  stomach and even intestinal impassability. Surplus of firm bones prematurely destroys the teeth.
Feeding dogs only with the soft, wiped, crushed food not good for the animal - dog will develop wrong bite and may cause an upset stomach. Meats need to be given to animal in slices, instead of  the form of groundmeat. Pieces are dissolved completely, and ground meat partially passes in intestines undigested, causing an upset stomach.

Myth#5. Nothing will happen from crude pork
Pork more often than in meat of other animals, contains trihnines and Finns of tape worms. Germs of worms are transferred also if to a dog is given an interior of the hunting trophies in raw form. This the first. And, secondly, from surplus of fats (pork, as is known, very fat meat) occurs diarrhea, is broke activity of the liver. In general, the dogs who live in an apartment, do not need a extra fat - they will receives it from any meat.

Myth#6. It is prohibited to feed a dog  fish and eggs
It is possible but if to give a crude fish, only oceanic - it has many easily acquired fibers, phosphorus, vitamin A, iodine. River or lake fish it is necessary to cook, as the animal can catch worms or soliterius. Certainly, bones should be removed.
Eggs very important to a dog's diet- once a week, not often, in a raw form, together with a food. Especially eggs are useful for sick or recovering dogs and for breeding studs and bitches.
Myth#7. The dog can do without vegetables.
Raw vegetables are very beniful for your dog! It is possible to give them purefide, or not purefide - and it is ok if some part of vegetables will not be acquired by an organism. When the dog gnaws the whole apple, carrots, a cabbage cabbage stump, it removes a yellow strike from the teeth. It is necessary to accustom to crude vegetables and fruit of the puppy from early age - where more usefully, than to drop in meal synthetic vitamins.
- Carrots are very rich on vitamin A. Give it shredded, adding a little of olive oil.
- Potato may be fed in the very limited quantities and only boiled.
- Pumpkin add to food boiled or baked - it is useful for preventive maintenance of worms.
- Greens add to a diet crude, finely cut.
- In very small dozes each 2-3 weeks once a day can be given powder of garlic (on a tip of the knife, one portion for small breeds, two - for average and large). It is necessary  for preventive maintenance of worms.
Myth#8.  One or two candies will not damage to a dog
Sweets of all kinds are strictly prohibited for a dog - from sweets up to cakes. They cause an itch and loss of a hair, can reduce sight. One more error - honey is useful for dogs. Unlike human, the organism of a dog does not acquire it at all.
Myth#9. It is the same for a dog, warm meal or cold
Basically, certainly, yes, but the dog will eat warm food much preferably (predators in the nature eat extraction, the temperature at which is equal to temperature of their body). And  frozen products do not give at all. The hot meal too is harmful, but your favourite pet would not eat it himself- wait, while will cool down.
At the end, if your dog completely eats all his portion, he has a good appetite and everything that you have prepared, he likes. If in a bowl there is leftover food, it means, it is necessary to reduce his portion, or as much as possible to diversify it.

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