Quality Exquisite French Bulldog puppies

Hobby breeder specializing in Color & Standard Quality French Bulldogs. Only the best companions for families and top of the line French Bulldog puppies! Established in 1991, our kennel is dedicated to breeding quality French Bulldogs. Since 2005 our kennel have name "From Burgess's House". We offer elite, happy, healthy, wrinkly and stocky puppies. We are proud to produce French Bulldog bitch-multi champion of several countries. Quality above Quantity! 

Please before contact us, read Our Policy http://snubnosed.ucoz.com/index/0-175
The way your puppy is raised will have a long term effect on their character, health and behavior!
Sneak peek at our babies-puppy toy gym.

We understand and know the importance of raising stable, well adjusted and confident puppies. Exposing the puppies to many different sounds, textures and movements during their early weeks will give them a great head start in life.
The puppy toy gym is wonderful for early neurological development and stimulation and offers early socialization, sensory stimulation, Interactive play and the exploration for young puppies. The variety of toys and items that rattle, squeak and move around.
It helps to desensitize puppies to movements, noises and textures. Puppies learn to become bold and fearless by Introducing them to all of the toys and items on the puppy toy gym and these are lessons learned that will help them throughout their lifetime.
The toys are low enough for the puppies to be able to play with them easily. Using this, puppies are able to get exercise and stimulation that they may otherwise go without. That means that all the puppies will be happy, healthy, and ready for adoption! Advantages of this gym-resistance and non-toxicity. Both very important with chewing puppies.

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