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Hobby breeder specializing in Color & Standard Quality French Bulldogs. Only the best companions for families and top of the line French Bulldog puppies! Established in 1991, our kennel is dedicated to breeding quality French Bulldogs. Since 2005 our kennel have name "From Burgess's House". We offer elite, happy, healthy, wrinkly and stocky puppies. We are proud to produce French Bulldog bitch-multi champion of several countries. Quality above Quantity! 

We are happy to hear from the new owners about their new puppy.
We love to receive pictures of our frenchies in their new homes.
Just wanted to say thank you for our three favorite frenchies. Nothing better than sitting around in a fall Sunday morning with three frenchies on top of you!
Hi Jane! Hope you guys are great! It's officially one week we.ve been home with Fester (everyone has been trying to figure out the perfect name for him, but i think you already did!!!) Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much Fester means to us and how happy we are he seems to be meant for this family. I am telling you that I felt that love connection right from the start with your picture and description of him on puppyfinder. He has been mellow, affectionate, and only whines or barks when he is alone or in his crate. Guess he was never really alone before with all the other babies around, but I'm sure he'll realize soon enough that we are always coming home soon to him. Actually he spends extremely little time alone, and comes with us in the car or truck everywhere!!! definitely a road-dog!!! We are going to get a county pass that allows us to use any dog park in our area (there are MANY nice ones), and he will be able to play with all sorts of other small dogs!!!. Between Larry's and my family, he is experiencing new places and people everyday---winning everyone over!!! Not sure if you still have any of my old emails, but i was going to ask you that if you wanted to put any letter, or parts of letters to make a whole, onto your website, I'd like to share how happy and blessed we have been to have found you and Fester. Just the whole experience from beginning to end has be an absolute pleasure and we are so very grateful that you were so generous with your understanding, and generous with your faith in us as new parents for your baby! I'm not sure how to do alot of computer stuff, but I know YOU do!!!!!! ha ha. Anyways, if you wish, I would be proud to have something from us on your site that praises working with you as a breeder, and caring, honest human being, along with some of your great pictures of Fester (if you find time to do something like that). I will figure out how to send you some of our pictures soon too, along with an update, ok? THANK YOU!!!!!! love, Brenda
Remember me? Penelope? I am a whole year old today! =) Mommy syays Winston and I get some Alpo to celebrate, and we are going on vacation next week and I get to stay in a hotel. I got three new dresses for my birthday. I am so pretty I can hardly stand it!

Love you! Penelope

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Hi Jane-
It has been almost a full year since we added Chilly (aka Lucas)to our home. We are so in love with him and would love to give him a little sister. It looks like you are planning to have a new litter in February. I would love to be informed when that happens. I need to send you some updated pictures of Chilly. He is the most handsome, loving dog. I think a female would be a better companion to him because he is definitely an alpha male. Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope to hear from you soon.
Lori Van Blarcom

Hi Jane-
We are in love with Frederica. Can we put a deposit on her or can you hold her for us. They are all so sweet, but there is something about her that just grabbed us. When will she be available? Chilly can't wait for a sister and we are all excited over here. Hope to hear from you soon.
Lori Van Blarcom
Hi Jane-
Here are the most recent pictures of Lola at 1 year old. She is so sweet and loving. She and Chilly have become the best of friends. Chilly is now 32 lbs. Lola is only 21 lbs., but I like it that way. Chilly is huge and takes up too much room on my bed.
Hope you had a wonderful holiday.
Lori Van Blarcom

Hi Jane!
I am at my computer with Niki in my lap! I was on your website and wanted to write about how well socialized he is, and how happy I am with him. But I cannot figure out how to post?
Any ideas?
A year or 2 from now, when Niki is officially grown-up, I think I'll be looking for a sister for him:)
Hugs, Maureen!
 Niki on the deck.jpg
Hi Jane,
Thanks very much for sending the pictures of the Frenchie Puppies!  We are the owners of Landis, who we call "Ollie" now, and he's fantastic and we love him very much.  He and our Great Dane have become best of friends.
Do you have any other pictures of Landis as a young puppy?  If so, we'd love to see them!
Thanks again!
 IMG_9495.jpg IMG_9490.jpg
Hi Jane
Sorry it has taken me so long to send you pictures of Dozer.  He is doing GREAT! We love him so much!
Thanks again'
I have a beautiful picture of Zeek to send you. I can't believe he almost a year old!! We love him sooo much,everyone loves him! He even has a girlfriend, a rotweiler next door!!! He is like our third child. Love, Kim Catropa
Hi Jane,
Kim wanted your mailing address to send pictures she had developed. Zeek is the best pet we have ever had! The kids love him.
Thanks-Doug Catropa
Hello Jane,
I hope things are going well. My wife's been after me to send you an update on our little Maggie. She's now just over 7 months old and an absolute joy. She loves to cuddle more than any dog I've ever had; especially when she's tired. She attends daycare with her Boston Terrier big sister, Dixie, 3 days per week, and is and excellent playmate with all the other dogs. Dixie is 12 years old and has developed several issues with her eyes, including cataracts. Maggie is proving to be a very helpful little sister, often times bumping Dixie in the right direction during walks and giving Dixie kisses several times a day. Maggie is tipping the scales at around 18 pounds and has only recently conquered the task of being able to jump up on the couch without assistance. I fear she will never be able to hop up on our rice bed, but that's ok. She is quite the rambunctious one, but not overly excited with visitors. We hope this continues to be the case as it is our hope to have her qualify for a program with the local hospital system so that she can visit children in the cancer ward a few days a week. We will be able to test her for proper temperament after she is one year old. So far, I think she will make a great candidate. We hope to have her spayed later this month. We're finishing up a round with the doggie optometrists at the University of Georgia for Dixie's eye issues on Friday, so after that we can get Maggie's spaying out of the way.
As far as entertainment, I don't think the Comedy Channel can hold a candle to Maggie. She is absolutely hysterical. From dumping her toys out all over the den floor, to chasing empty plastic bottles all over the house, to the noises she makes when a toy has gotten itself wedged under the couch, she is a hoot. I am attaching a picture taken at the end of January. As you can see, Maggie's made her self right at home with us.
Best Regards,
Travis Bayne



Hi, Jane! I fine and growing. My mom says I'm in the "terrible twos". I don't obey her anymore.I used to be house broken and go outdoors. Now when I go out I like to run all over the lawn, sniffing scents, getting tree bark, leaves, doing everything except what I supposed to be out there doing, but I'll learn again. She loves me so much, I'm so cute!


We have been up for about an hour,  the girls had a great ride home yesterday. They slept most
of the way home and did not have any accidents! They love their new home and they slept from about 10 until until close to 7 before whining to go out. They have been eating and drinking very happily and by the end of the day began to scratch at the gate when they needed to go potty.
They are very loving and playful thank you so much for the wonderful care and time you gave them until they were ready to come home. The loving care shines through in every way.
We are off to the vet later and will send pictures soon!
Take care,
Erin and Eric.
Hello, Jane!  How are you?  I hope this e-mail finds you, Michael, and Natasha all doing well and enjoying your summer.The main reason I am e-mailing is because, I am not sure if you remembered, but today is Matilda's 1st birthday, August 9th.  She is doing very well.  We absolutely love her - we are not sure if we just got extremely lucky, or if all French Bulldogs are like her, but she is SO well-behaved. She does great around other people, and did extremely well on the 10-hour drive in the car back up to New York for our summer vacation.  Last night, we had a bunch of our friends over to celebrate Matilda's birthday and she had a great time!  She loves being around other people and dogs.  One married couple we are friends with loves Matilda so much that they want to get a Frenchie because of her, so when they are ready,I will be sure to contact you. I have been meaning for a while now to send you updated pictures of her, and I will do so once we get them into the computer. 
I hope all is well.  Take care, and have a great day.
Mike & Lyndsay Marrone

Good morning Jane.

Just a quick note to let you know Smarty went to the vet. yesterday and he received great reviews! The vet said he is a perfect little puppy.  The heart sounded strong, lungs clear, no hernia, his coat is shining and healthy.  He said it is obvious that he comes from a good pedigree and has been well taken care of.Oh, his balls have both descended!!  What a boy!He also said he will not be very big, probably between 19/20 pounds.Jane, again thank you so much for providing such a wonderful little fellow and such a blessing in our lives.Say hello to Natasha and Michael.
Take care,


Thank you so much! We named him Jake and he is the perfect puppy ever!  I am completely in love with him.  He just melts everyone's heart who meets him!  He went to the vet yesterday and they said he was perfect.  I will send you some pictures this weekend!  The kids are great with him.  I'm trying not to let them pick him up very much until he gets used to everything, they are very gentle with him and take him out a lot.  He had only one accident in the house and that was my fault because I took him inside after he peed and must not have given him enough time to poop. Thanks so much, I am sure there is no better puppy!

Laura, Tim, Looram and Austin


Hi, Jane.
Annie doing very good and already stole everybodies hearts! I bought her a stroller and she likes it! Here are a couple pictures of Annie, she loves to watch TV!!! 
And she is afraid of thunder!  Send me more pictures of her brothers and sisters when you get time. I'm going to print out all of the pictures you sent me, could you tell me which ones are her momma, and grandma, and their names for herscrap book.

 Hi Jane,
Hope you are doing well.  Marley is doing wonderful!  He was neutered two weeks ago without any problems. He is not very tall and he weights 10 ls. and 9 oz.  We love him to death!  but he is defenitevely Gary's dog.
Take care,   Lourdes
Hi, Jane!
Jake is cutie pie!  The kids are great and they
love Jake.  He is rarely ever alone because the kids have been home with a nanny for the summer.  Although they will be going back to school soon and he will be alone ... well with our other dog from 8:00 until 3:00 every day.  I'm hoping that he will be okay.  The nanny is not quite as good about getting him outside to pee as I was.  He still has some accidents,but not many. I will be signing him up for puppy school this week.  The vet says his nose is pretty good for a French Bulldog. He is a love! I will send pictures on Monday. Hope all is well with you, the kids still talk about going to your house to get Jake and meeting the parrot!

Hi Jane, I think she is adjusting very well.  She cried a little the first night but Sophie slept right by her side.  They are getting along well, better than I thought they would at first.  She had her first vet trip yesterday which I don't think she liked but everyone in the office fell in love with her!!  She is a ball of energy and she wears out Sophie.  My computer is having problems with picutres right now but as soon as I get it fixed I'll sent some.

Hi Jane,
Thought you might like to have this picture. 
It is not to clear because I took it with my cellphone.  Marley weights 20 lbs. He has the sweetest personality.  He is very playful and is always so happy... Again, thank you for bringing Marley (Smarty) into our lives.



Hi Jane, sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, I have been busy this week. Augusta, we changed her name to Fergie, is doing very well. She have more energy than any puppy I've ever seen and she definately wears out Sophie. They get along well now, Sophie will put her in her place when she is being
naughty. She went to the vet last week and weighs 10 pounds now, she is a little piggy, eats all her food and tries to eat Sophie's also. She can jump on the couches and runs up stairs but can't get back down yet, she finds this to be a fun game. Hope all is well with you, Jennie

Just thought you would like to see how big Fergie has gotten. She is 9 months old. She is something else and still has bundles
of energy!!!  Take care, Jennie


Hi Jane,
I am four months old now.  I am a happy puppy. 
I have learned to whine and cry to get my way.  My mom thinks I am very handsome.  I have a very healthy appetite.  I wish you a Merry Christmas!!! 

Love, Angus.

Hi, Jane.

I received those beautiful pictures of Angus yesterday. Thank you so much. That was the best Christmas gift I will get. He is such sweet puppy. When I took him for his shots all the workers come and pet him. They think he is so cute. He loves his toys. He only plays with the squeaky ones that make noise.We e-mailed you a couple of pictures Wed. night. He wont sit still for a good one.We love him so much. He is like our little boy. I will e-mail you again. I am so glad I made the trip to your house. 

Hello Jane, Mike, and Natasha: Hello everybody!!  We hope all is well.  We are writing to tell you that we just got back from the vet with Matilda and he told us she has a perfect bill of health.  Her heart sounds good, teeth look great, knees and hips are strong.....just the perfect little Frenchie.  The only advice he had was to get her more exrecise.She has seemed to learn very well our procedures for going to the bathroom.  She has resumed regular eating and drinking patterns and pretty much sleeps through the night.She is very active and loads of fun to play with when she is in the mood, but also likes to rest and sleep a lot.  We are so happy to have her in our home and as part of our family, and for that we have you to thank.  Your love and care for her certainly showed and we genuinely appreciate all you have done. 

We promise to continue the love.We will send pictures very soon. Thanks again for Matilda. 

We love her, and so do all of our friends.

Sincerely,Mike, Lyndsay, & Matilda
Dearest Jane:How are you?

We are absolutely WONDERFUL! We love our lil' Emma Claire. She is a lot of fun.We had a great weekend at the lake.You and your family have done a wonderful job raising these beautiful puppies.Just so you know, Our Well Puppy visit with the vet went extremely well.He said that Emma Claire is a perfect specimen of her breed.I do not know how to thank you for all you have done.You have helped make my life complete.I have really missed my Chloe,Emma has truly shown me that I can go on to love another little girl.

Thank You for sharing this perfect little girl with us.
Always! Hugs and Kisses,

Angela, Ken, Codee and Emma Claire


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