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Hobby breeder specializing in Color & Standard Quality French Bulldogs. Only the best companions for families and top of the line French Bulldog puppies! Established in 1991, our kennel is dedicated to breeding quality French Bulldogs. Since 2005 our kennel have name "From Burgess's House". We offer elite, happy, healthy, wrinkly and stocky puppies. We are proud to produce French Bulldog bitch-multi champion of several countries. Quality above Quantity! 


Price Information 
Price increase due to rising cost of supplies and subject to change due to features and litter size
Why do Bulldogs cost so much... A bargain is not what to look for when searching for a French Bulldog, it's like comparing a Cadillac to a Kia. Everyone would love to drive a BMW or some luxury vehicle, the fact is not everyone can afford to, same concept.
Please, before asking if we have "reduced puppies" feel free to view two of our pages where I explained
Why do Bulldogs cost so much? http://snubnosed.ucoz.com/index/0-30
Quality isn’t cheap and cheap isn’t quality!
We take a deep pride of all those three decades of years we dedicated ourselves to raising French bulldogs and we feel like we are not a "producers” of the puppies but we are the "Breeders” with the capital "B” and that’s why we do not have "Clearance/Sale puppies” or "Get Rid Of” puppies or "Cheap puppies”. Each and every one of them extremely unique and extremely special for me. I might forget name of the owner, but I do remember name of the puppy and parents of this puppy. Please, understand, that there is a "Quick Sale” puppy owners when "Everybody Must To Go!” and there is Breeders who will selectively talk to you to understand if you can provide a great care and loving home to one of their babies. Thank you.
We price our French Bulldog puppies individually, prices depends on: Pedigree/registration, color, confirmation, gender, the present economy.
Any pure solid colored puppies (solid white, solid black, solid fawn etc.) will be higher than "regular" colors. Solid means-only one color present.
Blue puppies are "the caviar of dog breeding"-they are on the very top of this scale.
99.9%  of our French bulldog puppies are placed under spay/neuter (pet contract). Each puppy is priced based on confirmation, color and pattern. Our average starting prices are as follows:
Standard Black Brindle, Standard Fawn, Standard Pied, Standard Sable: $3500
Standard Red Sable or Red Fawn,
Solid Black (no/or minimum brindle): $3500
Blue Fawn, Blue Sable, Blue Pied or Blue Brindle, Solid White (90-100% of white color present): $3500-$4000
Solid Blue (no/or minimum brindle): $4500

Full AKC and breeding rights-discussed individually and its higher in price.
We have all available documents on the parents on file for your review:
-Copies of the mom and dad's American Kennel Club (AKC) registration papers,
-Copies of the mom's and dad's DNA profiles(if require by AKC) that is registered with the American Kennel Club,
P.S. Copies of both parents' pedigrees, which shows their bloodline and background-all this information given by request for the puppies registered with AKC.
In the interest of puppy or dog, we sell our Frenchies as a PETs with limited registration, unless we discussed and agreed otherwise and with spay/neuter agreement. If you purchase the AKC "Limited registration puppy", is it means that you get the same quality puppy with just some restrictions on registration. AKC will gladly reverse limited reg. to a full for a fee, however it's reversible only by the breeder. The American Kennel Club allows spayed\neutered dogs to compete in obedience, agility, tracking, Canine Good Citizen tests, field work (earth dog, lure coursing, herding), and Junior Showmanship, but not in Conformation. If you want to have Full AKC registration with breeding rights-we may discussed it on individual basis.
If you only want a PET puppy-all what you need-a quality purebred PUPPY-it's all what you really need. Registration does not proof quality of the dog, its only confirms that this particular dog registered with this particular registration.
All puppies despite registered they are or not sold with Health Guarantee, Sell Certificate, Health Record and life time help and support from the breeder
Risk Free Deposits:
We give first pick to families who place a deposit for a puppy. If we don't produce a puppy you want, the entire deposit is moved to the next litter.
Often we have deposits on most of the litter before birth. We require a small deposit to hold the French Bulldog puppy of your choice. We will accept Personal/Cashier Checks, Cash, USPS Money Order.
P.S. Cashiers/Personal Checks for deposit only, not for a whole payment. The balance is due at the time of pick up in cash.
Deposit will hold pup until 8 weeks old or agreed date.
We can not hold a puppy without a deposit-it helps to eliminate confusion for us and for potential puppy buyers.
If you want to pay for your puppy, but can't take it home yet, depend on my schedule, I can keep it, until you are ready. If it possible for me to keep, I charge $10.00 a day or $60 per week.
If you cannot pick up your puppy by the time it is 8 weeks old (or the agreed upon date), a charge of $10.00 will be due per every extra day it is here.
You must agree that if at any time in the future you can no longer keep a dog acquired from us that you will contact us to let us know. It’s ultimately the owners decision where they place the dog and it’s impossible for a breeder to "force” an owner to do something they do not want to with their dog, but as the breeder we feel it is our right to at least know where our dogs end up. We certainly would never want one of our babies in a rescue or abandoned and will take back any dog we have bred at any time.
Companion/Pet Puppies:
All companion puppies are placed on a spay/neuter agreement. They will also be placed with an AKC Limited Registration. All companions, despite on registered or not are placed with a health guarantee, contract, spay/neuter agreement, shots appropriate for age, wormed, pedigree (application of AKC registration, for those who registrable with AKC) and sample of food.
Many people believe a "Pet Quality Puppy" is in some way inferior to a "Show Quality Puppy" and that couldn't be further from the truth. There really is no difference between a Pet or Show puppy besides "Conformation". It costs the same to raise a pet puppy as it does a show puppy. When you purchase one as a "pet only" the same amount of time, sweat, money, hard work, dedication and love has been invested to get that "pet" puppy into this world, make sure it lives through that newborn critical stage, fed and raised the same, etc... When people say "Oh, I want just a Pet!", like if they want to settle for worst of the litter, it makes no sense. In all honesty that "Pet Quality" puppy may be the "BEST" one in the litter as far as personality and looks, it may just have a "cosmetic conformation flaw" that would prevent it from becoming a titled "Show Champion", but there is nothing inferior about the puppy. By "conformation flaws" could be something as minor as being a little longer than what the judges like or not having enough pigment around the nose or eyes. It can be a male puppy with one undescended testicle, which as long as it is neutered it is not a health issue or concern, but it cannot be shown and of course should not be bred, and other minor issues as such. We can never guarantee a Pet Puppy to be free of minor imperfections. On the flip side the puppy could be near perfect and just not like the leash or traveling and therefore not make a good show dog. The majority of "Show Quality" pups are sold as "As Pets" anyway, so in actuality they are all "Pets", they just aren't all "Show Quality". So... whether pet or show, all our puppies and those from AKC Reputable Breeders are raised and treated equally...and THAT is the point!!!!
We do not sell "Breeding Frenchies"
We will not knowlingly sell our puppies to anyone that has anything to do with brokers, pet stores, FrenchStons, French Pugs, Frugs, puppy mills or high volume breeders. I work very hard to produce Quality, Healthy puppies to bring to your family and I enjoy every minute of it.
We sell the puppies instead of getting rid of them!
That’s why it would be very pleasant for us, if instead of the only question: "What is the price of your puppies?" you told about yourselves and your previous experience with the dogs. Whether you have owned Frenchies earlier, and if not why you have decided to get French Bulldog. Specify whether you’d like to get a pet or you are going to show and maybe breed him (her) in a future. Please, tell the possible information on the members of your family, other home animals, whether there are the nonworkers in your family (whom the puppy will be all day with), what state and city do you live in. Also take into account that French Bulldog - an attribute of luxury and refinement, instead of being necessity!
Reserve your puppy early and make payments until he or she is ready!!!
We do reserve the right not to sell any puppy or dog to anyone if we feel uncomfortable about making that sale.

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