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Page updated June 21st 2015
Little Gary somehow scratched his left eye and its cornea became severely ruptured. His eye was removed, but it’s not going to affect his great personality! Very sweet, very easy going and I am going say, yes, almost house trained at his tender age of 2.5 months old, Little Gary is looking for the very special family who will give him unconditional love and will accept him just the way he is! The injury does not bother him physiologically.
Since he is now The World’s Coolest One-eyed French bulldog, we could not ask full price for him and we are taking best reasonable offer for him now. I am saying "reasonable", not to "rip-me-off" offer, because, despite his cosmetic defect, he is still a great and very healthy puppy with a lot of sweet attitude and best proportions I've ever seen.
We are not trying to "get rid of him” that’s why potential family or individuals needs to make me feel sure that they are very right for him.
Please, very, very serious inquiries about my Little Gary.

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Day after surgery. All better.
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 Week later. All healed.
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Year after: Happy Squints and his Deaf sister Aesa. They become ears and eyes for each other! Thank you Sarah!

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Video of our little boy
Special "Thanks" and a lot of love, to my dearest friends from CO, Carlos and Angela Lopez, and their baby Jacques http://snubnosed.ucoz.com/index/0-85
in their generous donation for Little Gary. Thank you, guys...thank you very much for your kindness.
Subject: For Gary
Note: Poor baby Gary, I'll keep him in my prayers. I light a candle each night and tonight I'll light one for him. Love, Carlos Angela and Jacques. Every little bit helps and we are praying for little Gary. 

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