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Hobby breeder specializing in Color & Standard Quality French Bulldogs. Only the best companions for families and top of the line French Bulldog puppies! Established in 1991, our kennel is dedicated to breeding quality French Bulldogs. Since 2005 our kennel have name "From Burgess's House". We offer elite, happy, healthy, wrinkly and stocky puppies. We are proud to produce French Bulldog bitch-multi champion of several countries. Quality above Quantity! 

Riggs & Rylee
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Two little penguins, two little monkeys-brother and sister-Riggs and Rylee. Special "Thanks” to their parents, Donald and Diana V. from Massachusetts, for their decision to not separate the twins. Don and Diana drove all the way down to North Carolina through the severe snowstorm in New York and Pennsylvania to get their babies. Isn’t it calls "L-O-V-E”? Thank you, guys!
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Hi Jane, The pups are awesome!! They are so funny together. They run all around the house chasing each other! They had their shot on Friday. They gained 1 pound since monday!! Riggs weighs 7.31 and Rylee wieghs 6.68! They each get 1 cup of dry food a day. Is this the right amount of food? I don't want them to get to fat! Attached are some pics. Rylee has her ears up in one! Talk to you soon. ~Diane
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Hi Jane, The babies are doing great. Eating all of their food and drinking plenty of water. We are working on piddle pad training in the house for now. The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend so we will start outside training then. They still love to play rough and tough but have started to respect the loud puppy cry that means... OUCH to rough! They both like to snuggle with us. Rylee is more of a crier than Riggs. When I put them in the crate at night she howls! usually does not last to long,25 minutes is the longest cry session so far. They love to play with their toys and explore the house. They can run so fast. They sure are keeping us busy! Rylee has both ears standing now. I'll get some new pics to you soon. I sent you a birth announcement. I used one of your photographs. They are so cute with the fruit basket! We love them so much. The house is no longer quiet, we hear the pitter patter of 8 tiny paws. They are just what we needed to make our family complete. Thanks so much. Talk to you soon.~ Diane
Hi Jane, We love Riggs and Rylee's page on your web site. We wanted to update you and tell you a little about them. They love to play chase. They run as fast as they can around the kitchen table. Tug of war is also another favorite. They are so cute together. Meal times are their favorite part of the day! They love to eat .They both like to snuggle. Riggs seems to be more laid back. Rylee gets more excited and loves to be the first to greet you with kisses! They are sleeping in their crate at night until Donnie goes to work, then they snuggle in bed with me! House breaking is going Slow. I expect it to take a long time from everything I have read. The weather was nice for a few days so we have been bringing them out to play. They love to find sticks to chew!! They heard geese fly overhead this morning and were amazed! We love watching them grow together. Both have gained weight and are filling out their bulldog shape! I'll send you some new pics this weekend. Take care. ~Diane & Donnie
Hi Jane, I just wanted to tell you how wonderful the dogs are. We had a great Easter with them. We took them to our families homes and they were a hit. They are so well behaved. Everyone loved them so much.They walk great on their harness and leash. They love to be outside. Sitting in the sun is a favorite of theirs. House breaking is going good, they run to the door when they need to go out! They have such cute personalities, they are very different from one another which we love. They compliment each other nicely. Riggs is my little watch dog. He barks to let you know a stranger is near or when he see's or hears something strange. Rylee is my little love bug. She is full of kisses. I could spend all day telling you how cute,funny,loving and loyal they are but you already know. We are so happy to have them. They are growing so quickly. I'll send you some pics this weekend. Have a great week. Talk to you soon. ~Diane
Hi Jane,
The puppies are so awesome. We love having them both. They are so funny together. They meet a few dogs this week. Rylee is the brave one, she is not shy at all. Riggs a little more reserved. Both know how to sit very well. Riggs knows how to bark when he hears or sees someone! He is my little protector! They have been going outside to potty with the occasional accident in the house. They sleep in bed with us at night. They love to be cuddled with us and we love having them in bed. My vet loved them. She thought they had a nice calm temperament for a frenchie!! Both know the word pee and treat!! We have been taking them for walks and they do very well with the leash. We could not love them anymore. They fill our hearts with so much love and joy. It is impossible not to smile when you have a frenchie or better yet two! Thanks so much for our little babies!

Hugs to you form Diane and Donnie, Riggs and Rylee.

P.S. We got their nails done with the dremmel!! They put up a fight for 5 minutes and then gave up!!
Attached are some pics of pups in coats! Pups meeting my moms Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Abby!
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Hi Jane, I wanted to update you on the pups. Riggs has not had anymore episodes of the regurgitation. Hopefully what ever it was has passed. They got their last shots and microchips placed on Sunday. Rylee did not like her micro chip being placed, she screamed so loud at the vets but got over it quickly. They are about 15 pounds right now and growing everyday. They love to go for walks and car rides. Riggs does tend to get car sick sometimes. We have been taking him for short rides so he can get used to the motion, hopefully he will grow out of this. We are enjoying them so much. They are so cute and funny. We have been replanting grass seed because the pee burns it out and Rylee loves to run through the patches I just planted!! She is a little devil sometimes!! We get so many compliments on them, everyone loves them so much. They are really good dogs. I'll send you new pics soon. Talk to you later. Hugs from Diane & Donnie Riggs & Rylee

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Hi Jane,
Pups are growing nicely, as you can probably see from the pics!! Riggs and Rylee have matching fido fleece coats for the winter. I'll post a pic of him in his soon. He is not as photogenic as his sister!! He is sitting on my lap as I write to you!! We love them soooo much. Rylee has a red dress for christmas and Riggs has a Tuxedo!! I can't wait to put them in it and take pics! They are such good dogs. We have been taking them to a pet store on Sundays to walk around and see other dogs and their owners. We can't walk 5 feet without someone stopping us to ooh and ahh over them. Everyone loves them sooo much. They get attention everywhere they go. Riggs tends to get a little casr sick still. I hope he outgrows this so I can bring them on longer rides...
Hugs to you !!




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