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In a night when little Penelope were prepairing to see a world, I got the next letter:
My name is Winston Raynolds.
I am a five-year-old (neutered) male puggy, and I am looking for a fawn female puppy for companionship, sharing my toys and treats and long snuggly naps (with lots of enthusiastic snoring) and going on vacations with my mommy and daddy.
I have a brother Roosevelt and a sister Moxie, but they are cats and it just isn't the same. I am lonesome for somebody that looks like me.
Do you think my dream puggy will be in the litter you are expecting?
I hope so. I am sending you my picture so you can see me.

Please reply to my mommy, Kate.

Thank you!

Time went by, Penelope was successfully born and is growing up preciously and now join sweet home of Pete and Kate and their four legged kids. I guess, being the youngest one, she is going to be most spoiled! Belongs to the top of pug society, being a pug-sess (pug Princess), Royal daughter of Royal A's Duke Fredric and Bently, Penelope promising to be a heartbreaker in both-human and pug worlds!
Penelope 7 weeks young                 Winston-the Big Brother
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Dear Jane--

I miss you and Sasha and Green Girl, but I have had a big time!
I liked riding in the car. It was fun. When Mommy was driving, Daddy held me up and let me see out--oh boy! There sure is a lot to see in the world!
Winston has lots of toys and I played with all of them last night. Winston has a bowl bed--I have one too, but I like his--and I piled up as many toys as I could fit into the bed and fell asleep on top of them. It was almost like a pile of puppies. My favorite toy so far is a stuffed camel. It is bigger than Winston, but I can drag it across the room.
The cats can't figure out what I am, but they seem nice enough. I barked at the little one, but she didn't bark back. I don't think she understood what I said.
Today Mommy took me to the store and bought me a pink harness and leash, and a little pink dress that says "Princess" on it. I wore it to the vet. And chew toys. And I picked out a pink piggie for Winston's birthday, but I am pretty sure I will play with it too.
Then we went to the vet. My goodness! Everyone petted me and made over me like I was famous. They said I weigh 3 lbs and that I am beautiful and seemed perfect, and that I don't have to go back for two weeks to get my second shots.
Now that I have a harness, Mommy says if it doesn't rain she will take me outside tomorrow.

I am having fun!

Love you!

(Pete & Kate Raynolds and Winston, the pug brother)
Dear Jane--

Wow! I can't believe I have been away from home for a whole week! I hope you are doing well.

I am fine and having a good time. I love to run and chew and play, but Winston and the kitties get tired awfully fast. Mommy tells them they were just like I am when they were little, but they just look at her funny and try to hide until I run out of steam. =)

Daddy says I am Penelope Poopsalot. I am sort of learning what housebreaking is, but it sure is a lot easier just to go wherever I am. Mommy says I will learn. When I go in the right place I get a pupcorn. I like pupcorn a lot!

I like to go outside, but today the grass was wet, so I climbed on Mommy's feet and rode there until she got off the wet stuff. There is a great big puppy down the street--I mean a *huge* puppy. He comes out and woofs us, but he is afraid of Winston. I think that is funny, because he is a lot bigger than Winston, and Winston never woofs him or anything.

Mommy tried to take a picture to send you, but I am either running or sleeping and she can't get a good one. She says she will try to get a good one this week to send you.

I am doing really well, and I love everyone I see.

Love you! Penelope
Hi, Jane!

I am getting bigger all the time, and I looooove Winston (too much, sometimes--hee hee).

Here is me in my Easter dress. I kept getting distracted by Rosie--he is the oldest, so he keeps me in line.

My mommy kept trying to get another video of me, but this was the longest I would stay in teh frame--it is so much fun to run up stairs! I can't go down them yet, but I sure can fly up.

Love you! Penelope


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