Quality Exquisite French Bulldog puppies-rare & traditionally colored

Hobby breeder specializing in Color & Standard Quality French Bulldogs. Only the best companions for families and top of the line French Bulldog puppies! Established in 1991, our kennel is dedicated to breeding quality French Bulldogs. Since 2005 our kennel have name "From Burgess's House". We offer elite, happy, healthy, wrinkly and stocky puppies. We are proud to produce French Bulldog bitch-multi champion of several countries. Quality above Quantity! 

Our Males
Public Stud Service is Not Available.
Yes most Frenchies have a short muzzle with bat ears but our boys have the most beautiful expression to match...their eyes, their wrinkles and smile all make these extraordinary studs! Just look at that Mr.'s. Super Muzzles! It just doesn't get any better than this...they are is pure perfection! We have some extremely exciting litters planned with our boys.
Shark Bull Gideon-is AKC reg., DNA certified, blue male, direct import from Shark french bulldog kennel, Hungary, grandson of the legendary producer of some of the top producing Blue frenchies in the world, Little Predator Blue Fire.
True perfections, Gideon is a stunning, true blue male with excellent confirmation and body proportions.  Gideon has the most amazing demeanor and temperament, he loves all other animals including intact males and cats, great with children and loves all humans-the perfect Frenchie by nature.
Gideon has everything and more in a frenchie...not just his amazing perfect clean blue coloring but the extreme look that we love and strive for...lots of ropes,wrinkles and that short and stocky sexy look. The head on this guy is huge, super heavy muzzle and he is super muscular. He comes from a silver toned line, meaning very light silver toned blues with minimal to no brindling in his coat. He has purple toe nails and a very light sheen to his coat-true perfections!
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Sparkling And Shiny Henry-is AKC reg., DNA certified, extreme blue pied male with piercing blue eyes. Henry is proved himself with gorgeous babies
Puggles, Buggs, Frenchtons & Other Mutts
I do not support nor condone the intentional breeding of mixed breed, "designer" dogs. A "breed" has characteristics that are defined and can be reproduced generation after generation. Simply crossing two purebreds and giving the offspring a cute, fancy name does not produce a "breed." Producing a stable new breed of dog requires perhaps 25-30 years of extensive commitment from many people all working together. It involves years of study and planning to select the proper dogs to produce a breed for which there is a true and demonstrated need.

Mixed breed dogs are not automatically more healthy than the component breeds. When breeding any two parents you are just as likely to get all the bad characteristics of the two as you are all the good qualities. There is no way to predict exactly what characteristics will be produced in any mixed breed puppies. Part of the benefit of breeding pure breed dogs is knowing what the characteristics and qualities of the dogs produced will be.

Mixed breed dogs are just that and no matter what fancy name is given to them or how much they cost, they are still just mixed breed dogs.

If you are considering adding a mixed breed dog to your home please consider adopting one from your local rescue or shelter.


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