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Free image hosting powered by PostImage.orgOn this page I want introduce you to a very special puppy for me-Nikita's Island In The Sun From Burgess's House, or Niki, that's what his mom Maureen calls him.
Nikita was born as a second puppy from a litter of 7 and he was VERY tiny little guy, only 3.5 oz, what is twice is smaller than his siblings-he was a runt of the litter. With 24 hours special attention and hand feeding by the tube (he was so weak to suck himself and other ones pushed him away from nipples) he showed me so much desire to live, to survive, so I must to double my strengths at my hard work to raise him up. Beside being a runt, he for some reason was born with a small cosmetical defect on his upper lip-not a cleft pallet-his lips was not cover completely his upper gum and in addition to this his siblings somehow scratched corneas on both of his eyes with their little sharp claws just in age of couple weeks old...With his extra small size, calling for extra heat and warmness and extra protection from being scushed by littermates or even his mother, with his eyes being scratched and his undeveloped lip he looked like he did not have any chances to survive...Add that fact, that his siblings drunk all the milk before he could latch on, left him very small chances of survival. He was weaned onto mush, so that he can have all nutrition’s he needed, but his throat was so tiny, he could not eat anything solid. He was nearly 2 months old, when he was able to eat real kibble. I decided to give him name "Nikita", meaning "unconquerable", and we started our struggle for life. But he was not need to struggle; he just WANTED to live himself. Now Nikita turns out very handsome and extremely cute little man and whopping around 15 lb of pure silliness and spoilidness and his mom Maureen loves him very much! He has as an "older brothers" two Persian cats and he love follow his mommy everywhere where she goes-just a little gentleman-always follow his lady!
Hi Jane!

I am at my computer with Niki in my lap! I was on your website and wanted to write about how well socialized he is, and how happy I am with him. But I cannot figure out how to post?
Any ideas?
A year or 2 from now, when Niki is officially grown-up, I think I'll be looking for a sister for him:)

Hugs, Maureen!
Hi Jane!!

Niki is doing great! (keeping the name, may change his AKC name when the time comes, but Niki suits him perfectly.) I am gradually getting him and the cats together, but it's a slow process. During the day, they are pretty much confined to one part of the house, Niki and I have the other:)
He's up to 9 lbs, and I can almost see him grow. Plenty of appetite! I took some pics today with my cell phone and attached them. I tried to get him from the side so you can see his body size....he refuses to hold still, but I did get one good one.
He's doing OK when I have to go to work, though I know he's happier when I am home and we "work" together. He just got rabies and kennel cough shots last week, so I am going to get him into a doggy day care for at least a couple of afternoons a week. That's the one thing he misses....other dogs!! I took him for a 2 hour walk in the park last Saturday and he had a blast! Made many new friends, and people kept asking me if he was a Boston Terrier. We'll keep that up until it's too cold.....it has been a great September here.
....He has definitely learned to bark! Just started that today, jumping around and barking while I was at the computer....it's very cute.
His house-training has gone very well, I think he's 95% there. He's only peed once in the house. It's a little tricky when it rains, he doesn't want to stay out long enough to poop....but I will start leashing him and making him stay out under the umbrella until he goes. He's a very smart dog (I already taught him "Sit" and it didn't take more than 3 or 4 sessions) and he'll get the idea. He starts Puppy Kindergarten on Oct 13.

Hugs, Maureen and Niki
Hi Jane,

I wanted to let you know my vet saw Niki on Saturday.
She did mention that he has "opacities" in his eyes, but it seems to me he can see just fine....he was trying to catch a moth earlier today:) I will take him to an opthalmologist to see if I should keep him on the eye ointment.
Everything else checked out fine!
He has done SO WELL with housebreaking.....a couple accidents, but usually he just goes when I take him out. You did a great job with this little guy, he is friendly with everyone he meets and isn't afraid of anything! He's very pleased with himself, I love it.
Do you have young children around the house? I was really surprised by how much Niki seems to love my 6 year old nephew, I thought he'd be nervous around a rambunctious boy:) But no, it was love at first sight!
I will write a letter to your website soon, I cannot say enough about good it was getting my puppy from you....and how wonderful this puppy is.....

Hugs back,

Little Niki is great. He's up to 13 lbs, and the coughing/choking sound is gone! He snores, but it's a normal snore. The doctor clipped his soft palate and enlarged his nostrils from the inside, they were constricted but you couldn't tell that from the outside. His scrotum healed fine, it never seemed to bother him at all. I can tell he has more energy, even though he seemed to have plenty before the operation.
I attached a picture of him I took on Saturday. You can see he's looking more like a bulldog than a baby now....the lower jaw is jutting out and his chest is getting wide. I like this picture because he was sitting in the only patch of sun in the kitchen....he does that all the time, if there is sun to be found, Niki is there!! That's why I named him "Nikita's Island in the Sun from Burgess's House"....it was the perfect name.
I am glad that the references were successful! I was more than happy to write to her, you can always ask me for a reference.

Have a great Thanksgiving! Hugs, Maureen and Niki.....
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Niki beating the big dogs....he really is fearless, and that starts when a puppy is very young!! He is amazing! The high pitched sounds in the video are Niki's war cry:) I think he may scare the big dogs with that.
Hi Jane!

I just want to give you an update on the Little Frog Dog, Niki.

Niki is a trooper, you should know. Back in March, we had tons of rain like New England never gets. My basement flooded 2 feet deep twice in 2 weeks and we had to move out for 4 days each time. We stayed with my sister (on a couch) and Niki took it as an adventure! He loves my sister's pug, that helped!

Then in April I had surgery (no big deal) but I had to board Niki for 10 days.....it was at the Doggie Day Care he knows and loves. He was fine there, when I came home and got him, he was more interested in his house than in me! I think he takes me for granted:)

The last 2-3 weeks we have had heat unusual for New England, and Niki loves to be outside. I let him have 15 minutes every hour or 2 and then I fetch him, either with a treat or I pick him up and carry him into the air-conditioning. Tonight was a change, just 70 degrees and Niki was running and spinning around on the grass, I love when he does that! He's like a little helicopter.

Jane, this little guy is such a good dog!! I can't tell you how much I love him....wanted to let you know he's doing fine (snoring away in the next room) and that if you need a reference again, you can always call on me!

Love, Maureen 

Hi Jane!

Hope all is well with you....I keep wanting to tell you what a great little frog Niki is!

He loves everyone, human/dog/cat.....he just wants to play. And everyone who meets him (except my cat:() loves him too.

Now all I need to do is convince him that he does NOT have to steal things from the coffee table in the living room. He is obsessed with it for some reason. I guess he prefers my toys to his own:)

You bred/trained a great little bulldog, and I will give you a reference any time!


Maureen and Niki 
Hi Jane!
So, Niki and I visited my parents several time this summer. I noticed that Niki loved the Berber carpet in their living room. He made a fool of himself turning somersaults, dragging his belly along it. But I got the hint!
I bought a Berber rug for my living room this past week just because I knew Niki would like it. It also makes it easier for him to jump onto the couch...he knows he won't slip.

He is the best! I will not stop telling you that:)

Love, Maureen and Niki 
Winter 20110.
Poor Niki, he doesn't know what to make of this! I shoveled out a path for him to do his "thing", but he likes to go FAR away from the house...and now he can't, after we got 20" of blowing, drifting snow.

He is still a trooper, though, and we are working it out....I stand on the deck and tell him "Good boy!" when he finally does his business nearby...and then I give him a treat. He is SO house-trained that it is hard for him to adjust to this:)

I hate this weather myself, so we are arm-in-arm here.....hope you all had a great Xmas!!

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