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Hobby breeder specializing in Color & Standard Quality French Bulldogs. Only the best companions for families and top of the line French Bulldog puppies! Established in 1991, our kennel is dedicated to breeding quality French Bulldogs. Since 2005 our kennel have name "From Burgess's House". We offer elite, happy, healthy, wrinkly and stocky puppies. We are proud to produce French Bulldog bitch-multi champion of several countries. Quality above Quantity! 

Fighting superficial and deep melting traumatic corneal ulcers with Duke. Pugs with their flat faces have their beautiful eyes unprotected by longer muzzle and easy to hurt.
A corneal ulcer, or ulcerative keratitis, is an inflammatory condition of the cornea involving loss of its outer layer. It started as a tiny scratch and during hours melted to 3/4 of the eye surface. Duke was very close to losing his eye. Only because I was every 30 minutes putting kerato protectors/regenerators onto his eye saved him eye. It is really hard to do it that often over the clock, but if you want to save an eye and a vision you must do it.
Antibiotic eye drops are help only to keep bacteria’s out, but they will not restore surface of the sclera of the eye. Veterinarians are not offering you kerato protectors and I was doing my own search and ordered kerato-protectors /regenerators from New York Russian pharmacy to treat Dukes eye.
Treatment:10 days Atropine +Gentamicin +Artificial tears and Solcoseryl eye gel + Taurine drops.
After 10 days of antibiotic-use just kerato-protectors /regenerators-Solcoseryl and Taurine.
As alternative to Solcoseryl and Taurine--Blood Serum + antibiotics+fish/cod oil.
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Duke's eye after month of treatment look much better. It is obvious he did not see with it, but at least damaging process is stoped and healing process started
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After one year of his eye traume: eye is 100% healed, eye ball saved and his vision not lost. Keep your snubnosed ones safe!

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