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Hobby breeder specializing in Color & Standard Quality French Bulldogs. Only the best companions for families and top of the line French Bulldog puppies! Established in 1991, our kennel is dedicated to breeding quality French Bulldogs. Since 2005 our kennel have name "From Burgess's House". We offer elite, happy, healthy, wrinkly and stocky puppies. We are proud to produce French Bulldog bitch-multi champion of several countries. Quality above Quantity! 


Buying from a Pet Store/Puppy Mill

When you buy a puppy from a pet store you are purchasing
a puppy that was produced by puppy mills under unhealthy
conditions. The parents are treated as breeding machines.
They have no health clearance, no testing.  
They get NO prenatal care, no special diet, no exercise or
fresh air, no socialization, no love and attention. These puppy
parents are kept in tiny crates with no room to move; they do
their bathroom duties where they eat and sleep.
Puppy mills do not keep good clean quarters for
their baby making machines. These adult dogs sleep in their
own feces and urine. The puppies they produce are of poor quality
with life long health conditions. When the puppies are 6 weeks old (some
younger), they are taken away from their mom and hauled off to pet stores. Puppy mills charge roughly $35.00 per puppy; they sell quantity
NOT quality so the pet stores get their puppies at a very cheap rate.
These puppies are then placed for sale between $1200 and $2000
with lots of room to bargain with when it comes to price.
Some pet stores have tried to pass their puppies as show quality.
This is far from the truth.  NO reputable breeder would ever
consider handing their precious, well loved and cared for
puppies over to a pet store. While each puppy may come registered,
some with AKC, some with CKC or some other bogus dog registries,
the truth is the papers you get with your puppy may be randomly
picked. They may not know which papers go with which puppy.
Puppy mills produce puppies in hundreds to thousands.
This is why they can sell their puppies so cheap to their client/pet stores.
They are treated as a commercial product.
99.9% of the puppies sold out of pet stores go home with kennel
cough as well as many other genetic diseases.  
Some of these puppies don’t live to be 2 yrs old.  
85% of the puppies sold out of pet stores will NEED some sort of
major surgery within the first year of their life.  With the cost of MRI’s,
CT scans running $3000 and up, then full blood work, x rays and more;
it is no wonder families come to the point that they just can’t afford
the added expense any more. In the end the one to suffer most is
the puppy whose family turns its back on it, takes it out of the only
environment it are used to just to be placed in rescue or kill shelters.

uying from a Reputable Breeder

Reputable breeders think carefully before selectively picking which
bitch and sire they pick to produce
their puppies.  Many, many of these breeders show their puppies
to produce champions. All their dogs are very much loved and cared for.  
They feed nothing but good quality food, their dogs get lots of
exercise and socialization.
They live in the home with their owners/breeders,
they relax on the couch with their owners.
They are part of their every day lives and a huge part of their family .
The chosen parents are cleared of any genetic health issues, no reputable breeder would even consider breeding two dogs with a disorder.
The parents are also seen by a reproductive specialist.
Today lots of breeders prefer to AI (artificial inseminate) their bitches,
this is an expensive procedure .
Before an AI is performed, a progesterone test is done to insure a more successful breeding. Their bitches are taken to their repro vet to confirm the pregnancy by 30 days, this is done by blood test, sonogram or palpitation.
Once pregnancy is confirmed, the bitch is placed on a special quality diet.
Health is the #1 factor, they get lots of exercise, love, attention and socialization. The pregnant bitch is treated like a Queen, making her
comfortable is very important. During the 63 day gestation period the mom is taken to the vet for various check ups to see that she and her babies are
doing well. Several days before whelping (the birth of the puppies) the mom is taken to the repro vet for x-rays, this gives us a good idea on the
size of the puppies and the number of puppies mom is carrying.
It also lets us know if the mom should be able to deliver her
puppies naturally or via C Section.

At this point the breeder has all the things necessary to help deliver these puppies.  Pugs and Frenchies in particular, cannot deliver their own,
they need help and assistance.
The breeder will have the whelping box and area ready for mom,
she/he will have their instruments all sterilized and ready.
Many breeders now keep oxygen and FFP (fresh frozen plasma) on hand for those puppies born in distress.
The breeder will help deliver each puppy, take puppy from mom, remove the sack, clean out the airway, cut the cord, make sure puppy is breathing properly, and place the puppy in a warming box while the puppy waits for his or her siblings to join him. If needed, the puppy is placed in a holding box that is warm and set up for oxygen use. FFP is also administered to the
puppy to help give the antibodies needed. After all the puppies are
born the puppies are placed with mom to nurse.
The breeders never get a full night’s sleep-mom is constantly
watched with her puppies. Many breeders choose not to keep
puppies and mom together 24 hours a day.
Some moms accidentally sit on their puppies and suffocate
them without meaning to. So the breeder separates them and
places the puppies with mom every two hours. The in between
times is the only time the breeder gets to sleep.
Once puppies are strong enough to move out of mom’s way,
they are then placed together 24/7.

Puppies are taken to the vet for their first check up, they are
also checked for cleft pallets (should any puppies have cleft pallets
most of the time the puppy will be put down). This is a heartache to any
breeder. Puppies are always being watched and cared for by mom and their breeder. When the puppies start to walk, mom and breeder
teach puppies how to socialize. Puppies are played with, cared
for and very much loved. These breeders are very selective
when placing their puppies, they want only the very best.
We will explain to you the health risks of a pedigree dog,
what their health risks are – what is covered and what is not.
You will get all the information needed to make an informative
decision when caring for your new puppy. We know that the puppy
we place will be spending the next 12 to 15 years and then some
with you, they will grow and be part of your family forever.

Your breeder should recommend and allow your frequent visits
with the puppy you will be taking home.
Letting the puppy bond with its owners is very important
before any puppy goes to its new home. This will also open
many opportunities to discuss any of your puppies needs,
ask questions as they arise.

You will get a guarantee – the breeder will be there for you and
your puppy for the life of the puppy and
then some. A reputable breeder will always take a puppy back
with no questions asked at any time. The years gone by do not make a difference. We know that even the best of families can fall on hard times-
divorce, move, job change, death in family. We will always take back our puppies and never allow them to go into rescue or shelters.

Before you buy a puppy, do your research, make sure you
and your breeder understand each others needs.
Remember a reputable breeder is not a bargain shop.
Endless sleepless hours, lots of love,
attention and money are put into producing healthy quality puppies.
When you put all this together its
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