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 Updated July 15th 2013
This page is dedicated to Penley, French bulldog puppy boy, who was stolen from us, together with his still missing fawn brother  http://snubnosed.ucoz.com/index/main_page/0-171by person who deceived us pretending to be a loyal customer. He was kept in very poor environment and he has healed scar on his left shoulder as we and our veterinarian may suspect from being injured by big dog bite or BB gun shot, he was returned to us being very malnourished and obviously had little access to food, water and no medical care.
He is not in danger any more, as he returned to us, and we were doing everything in our power to bring him back to nice and fatty rolly-polly puppy. Luckily, Penley was not abused in psychological way and did not afraid of people, dogs etc. and has very loving and sweet attitude. 
Penley is ready for adoption: he was nourished back to good health and we accepting an applications for him which will be carefully reviewed and before to make any decision-approved.
If you are looking for a silly boy that likes to snuggle, cuddle, and catch some rays in the backyard, keep reading. Penley would love to keep you company while you sit out on the back porch sipping ice tea in the warm afternoon sun. He is so incredibly sweet and very trustful, despite on everything what has happened to him during scary 4 weeks when he was kept in a thief's premises. This boy loves to shower us with gentle kisses and would stay cuddled in my lap all day if he could. He is a very special puppy and would make any family happy to have him.
Penley, previously named as Nicholas, was re-named in an honor of Deputy K.L. Penley, SR. Investigator of Catawba County, who rescued him from SC and brought him back to us. We would like the new potential parents-to-be to keep this name of this special boy.

If you are smitten by this pup, be prepared to fill application and to travel.
Penley couple days before he was stolen from us.
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065 022
Penley at the day when he was rescued and brought back to us
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073 021

Penley 2.5 weeks later after being returned to us. Happy little boy. Growing puppy fat!
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Penley was adopted by loving family.
Desi 'Olson' Tautges's photo.


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