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DOB 12.09.12
Vladimir was born as a second puppy out litter of three. He is little perfection Royal pug with multiply champion background.

Unfortunately, life was not treated him "royal”-Vladimir was born with small birth defect of having very mild case of cleft pallet.
Looking at his huge desire to live, being very active and otherwise very healthy baby, I am giving him chance to survive and adjust to live with his little defect. It is a very huge responsibility for me to save this little baby’s life because it put me in "no sleep” situation, but this little guy so worth it!
I expect his deffect to correct itself at some point, as he grows, and I except him to live normal life as "normal” puppy. So far, I am able to control his eating and he doing really well. He also might require a surgery to "close" his cleft if it will be nessasry.
What is cleft? It an opening on a roof of the mouth which for any reason did not closed. When held to a nipple, he cound not lach on it as "normal” puppies. As a result-no food goes into his mouth…To keep this puppy growing in the first few days I am doing the following:

Day 1: I milked colostrum (milk from the dam) from his Mom and fed him with the dropper first day meals with her colostrum. I gave him 2cc-3cc per meal every other hour around the clock-day and night.

It is very important to make sure Vladimir stayed warm and did not get crushed by his litter-mates or by his mother. Fortunately, his mom continued to clean him and stimulate him (in ocasions) and did not reject him as I had feared. It is also important to weigh small pups several times per day, as any weight loss on the tinies can quickly lead to the puppy fading. I use a small digital postal scale which I purchased on Amazon.

Day 2: Vladimir is given 3cc-4cc of best home made puppy formula (if you need recepy-contact me. This formula has 11 calories per 1 cc. The problem with commercial formula that you buy at your vet is that it only has about 1 or 2 calories per CC. In my opinion this is not enough nutrition to provide for adequate growth) with few pet nutri-drops in it, every other hour by dropper and suringe.

Small amounts of the formula will still likely make its way through the cleft, so after feedings the Vladimir needs to suckle on a little finger with no nails to clear his passages and clean his little snubed nose with nasal syringe. The purpose for nursing on my finger is two fold, one of course is the need all mammalian creatures have to nurse, and secondly, and very importantly it does help clear out the nasal passages of any formula that may have made its way up there.

His mother, Olivia, being "milked” to collect precious colostrums every hour, but she does not look so happy to be "milked”, so I use both-mother milk and puppy formula.

I need to be sure the colostrums or puppy formula goes very slowly into the Vladimir’s mouth, so there is only a small amount present at a time. It will take more time, but again-this little puppy worth it so much! It is always risk of having pneumonia present with such little patient, so it is very important that the pup be run on antibiotics prophylactically. Prophylactically means, "given as a preventative, before there is an actual issue". Once the pup sets up pneumonia they are very difficult to save. So it is best to prevent it. Vladimir started on Amoxicillin to prevent risk of pneumonia.
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His upper roof of the mouth is good. Cavity present at soft palet area
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Momma is being "milked"                        Vladimir is eating
051 059
And cleaning nose to get rid any "milk"
057 047

Bathroom time. Pug-mommas are often not very exited about performing this procedure to their newborns.
063 067
This picture is just to show how tiny and fragile Vladimir is

030 032
02.01.13 Vladimir is 3 weeks old now and he is a trooper! We got a dripping bottle for him since he is about to be introduced to it! 
030 031
At 7 weeks old
028 024
This pcture shows how big progress in closing his cleft palet has! It is very improving!

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