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Ok, ladies and gentlemen, Uncle Fester gets a charge! Beautiful, with extra heavy wrinkles, our little man reminds us the famous Addams family character. Very loving, very charming, very clumsy and very squishy and soft, just like a plush toy, our little Fester found his forever family to be loved, cherished and taken great care as he deserves. Thank you to Brenda and Larri from Chicago, Il, who drove all the way down to pick up their special clumsy dumpling! We will anxiously waiting on his new pictures!

Fester as a baby

Fester as youngster


Hi Jane and family!!! So sorry it took so long to update you all!!! We got back to chicago very late on tuesday and have been settling in with Fester since then! He has been great since the first night in the motel! We spent the whole next day in the car and he was born to ride along!!! No nervousness, no throwing up or bathroom issues, he has been nothing but fun, laughs, and some farting since we got him, ha ha!!!! Just wanted to let you know he is doing great and settling in just fine!!! we'll keep up updated! Talk to you soon! Brenda
Hi Jane! Hope you guys are great! It's officially one week we.ve been home with Fester (everyone has been trying to figure out the perfect name for him, but i think you already did!!!) Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much Fester means to us and how happy we are he seems to be meant for this family. I am telling you that I felt that love connection right from the start with your picture and description of him on puppyfinder. He has been mellow, affectionate, and only whines or barks when he is alone or in his crate. Guess he was never really alone before with all the other babies around, but I'm sure he'll realize soon enough that we are always coming home soon to him. Actually he spends extremely little time alone, and comes with us in the car or truck everywhere!!! definitely a road-dog!!! We are going to get a county pass that allows us to use any dog park in our area (there are MANY nice ones), and he will be able to play with all sorts of other small dogs!!!. Between Larry's and my family, he is experiencing new places and people everyday---winning everyone over!!! Not sure if you still have any of my old emails, but i was going to ask you that if you wanted to put any letter, or parts of letters to make a whole, onto your website, I'd like to share how happy and blessed we have been to have found you and Fester. Just the whole experience from beginning to end has be an absolute pleasure and we are so very grateful that you were so generous with your understanding, and generous with your faith in us as new parents for your baby! I'm not sure how to do alot of computer stuff, but I know YOU do!!!!!! ha ha. Anyways, if you wish, I would be proud to have something from us on your site that praises working with you as a breeder, and caring, honest human being, along with some of your great pictures of Fester (if you find time to do something like that). I will figure out how to send you some of our pictures soon too, along with an update, ok? THANK YOU!!!!!! love, Brenda
Hi Jane and family!
Hope you all are great. Just thought I'd drop you a line to update you on Fester's life! After acouple weeks of thinking of EVERY name possible (seriously EVERY name) we ended-up only changing one letter of his given name---Jester (like a court jester? Not sure if you are familiar with that term?) Just like a court jester entertains the king with his jokes and silly antics, Jester makes EVERYONE who sees him and meets him smile and laugh out loud, including our family on a daily basis!!! Between the snorting, farting, and snoring---along with his good looks, you just can't help but fall in love with him! He is a star at our local petsmart and gets along with every human and animal he's met so far! He is super spoiled and has bonded so well with us, especially Larry. We are getting some really great pictures, and I will send them to you as soon as someone helps me, and you will notice that he always seems to sleep with both ears up! He is playing a trick on us I guess! Anyways, just wanted to say hi. Talk to you soon...

AND, I love fester's page on your site!!!


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